Top YouTubers you should follow !!

1. PewDiePie

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Who doesn't know this guy. He is the top youtuber with 57M+ subscribers. After he dropped college to make creative content on Youtube he started making videos on Let's play category. Which basically means playing games. The reason why he is so popular is,he is just himself in his video. No formalities,no showoff. Also since he plays games  behaving crazy people likes him so much. 

2.  Ryan Higa

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PewDiePie has the most subscribers but I feel Ryan is more creative. His videos gets more views than PewDiePie. He makes very funny videos on individual topics. The reason why PewDiePie is ahead of him is because Ryan uploads two videos in a month whereas PweDiePie uploads more videos than him. Also both makes videos on different topics and people are just way too much mad for games. 

3. Technical Guruji

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This is the channel of a person named Gaurav Chaudhary. As the name goes ,he makes videos on technology. Not that he works in a lab. He creates videos like unboxing and review of latest smartphones or laptop,PC,tablet and many more such devices trending on internet. Since his videos are in hindi he is very popular in India when it comes to have an opinion of a product before buying it. Thnere are other similar youtubers like Geekyranjit and SharmajiTeachnical. But I think Gaurav is better than them.

4. Improvement Pill

 This is a very motivational type channel. Some examples of his videos are -  how to stop procastinating, 7 unique conversation tips , why you should start reading and other likewise videos. It is good to watch his videos sometimes just to keep yourself in a good spirit. There is another channel of him - Practical phycology.

5. SingKaraoke

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This channel contains most of the Karaoke of latest English songs.  So if you want only the music of a song and not the vocals this channel is for you.

6.  FunForLuis

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Luis is a traveller. He makes videos of his trips around the worlds. He has travelled many countries and popular cities in the world. Provides great insight of the people and culture of the particular places in amazing way. For someone who loves travelling they must subscribe to this channel.

7. Justin Odisho

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Justin Odisho has the best online YouTube tutorials for Adobe photoshop,After effects and premiere pro. His videos have best techniques used in editing in all these softwares.

     So these were the seven top youtube channels that I regularly watch especially first 3 youtubers are my favourite . There are many others like Superwoman,Jenna Marbles,Jakepaul,Markiplier,Smosh which you can look out for.   

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