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Conspiracy at Meru Book review

    Shatrujeet Nath started writing Vikramaditya Veergatha 4 years ago, and his first book The guardians of Halahala came out in 2014 which became very popular in youngsters because of the thrilling mythology fiction content it had. People were eagerly waiting for his next book in the series - Conspiracy at Meru . Well, it came out in august 2016 last year but I only ordered it just a few days ago. The book came from amazon on 3 June 2017. I wanted to read it slowly so that I can enjoy it better but couldn't. I was so much excited about the happenings after the first book that before I knew the 381 pages were finished in two days. The second book is much better than the first one more exciting, suspense building in every chapter. The author weaves a tale that extensively draws storylines and characters from history, folklore as well as the Puranas. Those who are particular about compliance to historicity might have a lot of reservations about the contents of the novel. But