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Best place to buy second hand books online in India

So often it happens that you want to read so many books, your Goodreads want to read list keeps getting bigger and bigger every year and yet you think twice before buying that book. Because buying books can be really expensive, especially if you like to read a lot.  I have bought lots of books over the years. And I enjoyed each of them. But after I'm done reading, I don't even open some of them. There are books that are as exciting as the first time you read them (Kingkiller Chronicles for me). And there are books that aren't much fun the second time. Or the third. Instead, they get cornered in your shelf, eating dust. It would be much better if you can just buy used books at cheaper prices compared to Amazon and Flipkart. Books are magical and a second-hand book is the old magic spell. Luckily, there are websites where you can not just buy used books but sell your own.  I'm listing below websites where it's easy to find many used books at cheaper prices. 1. Book