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Significance of Lord Ram breaking Lord Shiva's bow

Pinaka or Shiv Dhanush was the bow of the Hindu god Shiva. Vishvakarma crafted two divine bows. He gave Sharanga to lord Vishnu and Pinaka to lord Shiva, who killed the demon Tripurasura with it. The Pinaka bow was given by Lord Parshuram to King Janak to keep it safe while he is performing penance in the forest. One day, Devi Sita in her childhood, while playing with her sisters unknowingly moved the table on which the Dhanush was kept. No one was able to move the Dhanush or the table that easily. Hence Janak decided to keep a Swayamvar and whoever lifts the Dhanush would be considered worthy of marrying her daughter. There are some tales where it was Lord Parshuram himself who suggested this to King Janak. Coming to the swayamvar, the bow was eventually broken by Lord Ram when he attempted to string the bow, thereby winning the princess's hand in marriage. It is debatable whether he did it knowingly or not. As per the Ramayan TV serials, Lord Ram later explains that even

The Immortal India - Book Review

The book was released on 28th August 2017 and I had it in my hand the next day. That's the impact of his books on me. And even this is a non-fiction book, I cannot resist myself from ordering it on Amazon.   This book basically contains articles and speeches by Amish that were published in newspapers and journals. It also contains debates and talks that he gave in various lit festivals which he keeps on attending as he likes having interaction with readers. We met too, Amish Sir !! Perhaps you won't remember. But we did when you came here with Sanjiv Sanyal for the book launch event. It was in the last year.      Before  I start discussing the book, let's have a look at the trailer . Now, the book is divided into four parts Religion & Mythology Social Issues History Musings 1. Religion & Mythology This section is my favourite. In this section, Amish starts with Lord Shiva - The God of contradiction . Explores questions like Why people think He is