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Kvothe and Harry : Teen Boys in Magic School

Harry Potter is one of the best fantasy series in the history of the fantasy world. The first book came out in 1997 and quickly became popular. The series ended with The deathly hallows in 2007. But in the same year, another masterpiece work by Patrick Rothfuss came out as The name of the wind - the first book of kingkiller chronicle series. This was the first book ever by Patrick Rothfuss and he wrote an amazing work of fiction with his protagonist as Kvothe-The Kingkiller I have found many similarities between these two fantasy series. There are always similarities in fantasy series.  1. Harry vs Kvothe Image source -   Harry and Kvothe are the main characters of harry potter series and kingkiller chronicle series respectively. At a very young age, both's parents were murdered. In the case of Harry, it was very early in fact. James and Lily were murdered by Voldemort. Whereas Kvothe's parents were alive until Kvothe was 14 or 1