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Review: Murder at the Vicarage

I started reading Christie's books three years ago. The first book was ABC Murder, which was very different from other murder mystery novels I read before. But I liked her writing style. Then I picked Murder on the orient express and thoroughly enjoyed it. So, by now Hercule Poirot was a new detective. Then I read what according to me is the best I read of her - The murder of Roger Ackroyd. Wouldn't go into the details much. But one must read it if he/she is into this genre. When I came across Miss Marple series, I thought Miss Marple is a young lady detective. Charming, wise, intelligent like Poirot. But she is an old lady, but of course with all those qualities of a detective. Somehow, I thought she would be like Oracle in Matrix. You know how she was a soft-spoken, calm and a very observant short hair old woman. The way she was described in the book reminds me of her. I kind of figured out who might be the killer. Or the thought came in very early. So wasn't much