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Kvothe and Felurian - Kingkiller Chronicle

“I do not believe in faeries,” I tried to say, but it came out as barely a whisper. It was Felurian. - Chapter 94, Wise Man's Fear.       Before Kvothe started his adventure with Tempi, Dedan, Hespe and Dedan, his life mostly revolved around the university. Though there were interesting things happening in the university. Like, his friendships with Wilem, Simmon, Fela. With Masters like Elodin, Alexar, Kilvin. His rivalry with Ambrose since the day he came to the Archives. His occasional visits and interesting conversations with Denna. Music at Eolian. Loan from Devi and much more things... But still there needs to be an adventure part that was lacking in The Name of the Wind. Even after the end of the first book, there wasn't any significant magic or adventurous thing that readers were expecting when they picked the book. So I think it was fair for Patrick Rothfuss to introduce the life different from that at the university. A life outside it, where Kvoth

Kingkiller Chronicle - Seven words to make a woman love you

Kingkiller Chronicle is my favourite fantasy series. And one of my favorite thing about these books is when Kvothe meets Denna. Often they meet unexpectedly when all hopes of Kvothe have faded, at places where he wouldn't have expected her to be, whether it's  Trebon, Eolian or Severen.    I love how Pat describes the conversations between Kvothe and Denna. Kvothe being careful not to hurt Denna. There is so much going on his mind while Denna is talking to him. But since you're obviously here for the charming seven words I have a  list of them.     We first heard about it when Elodin asked Kvothe what are 7 words to make a woman love you. I was eager for a minute thinking what Kvothe would say. But he was speechless at the time. And I forgot about it since then.      But Kvothe has been throwing 7-word phrases about quite often. Now we know when he stumbles across one because Denna mentions it... In addition, she said that he does it quite often. Meaning there are some wor