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Network Effect by Martha Wells Book Review

Hey everyone,                        A month ago, I talked about a fantasy book,  Spinning Silver,  by Naomi Novik. Here's a review  of it. I also completed reading a mammoth book, Oathbringer ( Stormlight Archives #3), in April. It was gifted by my friend on my birthday. Honestly, I didn't want to read this one at this time. I like reading Cosmere either in Winter or Monsoon. Anyway, here's where I talked about Stormlight Archive - Fantasy, Stormlight Archive and me.                     So far, all the books I read this year belonged to the fantasy genre—kings of the Wyld, Spinning Silver, The lightning tree, and Oathbringer. But then I drank one from my To Read list on Goodreads, which is science fiction.  This is a review of the latest book of the recently popular Sci-Fi series Murderbot Diaries written by Martha Wells . The Murderbot Diaries is an action-packed science fiction series about a murderous, self hacking robot searching for the meaning of life.          The