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Spinning Silver Book Review

Hi, everyone  I'm posting a review of a book I read in March. It's Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik
A 5 stars rating from two of my favourite authors, Patrick Rothfuss and Martha Wells prompted me to read this book. I really really liked it. And this will be one of my favourite books for years to come. The book won many awards including Locus Award for a fantasy novel,  Mythopoeic Fantasy Award for adult literature, and was nominated for Goodreads Choice Award and Booknest award for best traditionally published novel. 
Now then, let's talk about this beautiful work.

 There is a popular fairytale in Germany known as Rumpelstiltskin.  It is believed to be originated around 4000 years ago.  The story goes that a miller who frequently lies to the people in his town, once told the king that his daughter who is not only beautiful, but she can turn straw into gold. As it turns out, this was a lie too. But the king after hearing this tells him to bring his daughter to his court the n…

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