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Review - Raavan Enemy of Aryavarta by Amish Tripathi

Raavan - Enemy of Aryavarta the third book of Ramchandra series was released on 1 July.

The trailer of the book

This book was more interesting. The Secret of Nagas (Book 2 of Shiva Trilogy) was the best work of Amish. This book is just as good. There will be SPOILERS ahead.

        One of the reason for that being since Ravaan was 56 years old at the end of the book he had a long journey right from having nothing but his uncle Mareech in his childhood to support him, a mother and months old brother to protect to be the king of Lanka in the end. He acquired all of it by himself. Though sometimes by bad means. Also, I really liked how gradually the story proceeds. Changes in Ravan both physically and mentally as he grows older. His love for the music and painting, knowledge of Vedas, philosophy, trading all these characteristics makes him an interesting character. And of course, he was a great warrior.

Scion of Ikshvaku was not that great a book. Sita- warrior of Mithila was an improve…

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