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3 Below Tales of Arcadia Review

Ever since I watched Trollhunters, I was waiting for this TV series. Before Trollhunters I loved Dreamwork's  Race to the Edge series featuring Hiccup and his gang. I never thought I would ever find a series like Race to the edge. And was indeed very sad when it ended. But then Dreamworks another masterpiece Trollhunters proved me wrong. It was even better than the RTTE. Also, there were many similarities. Hiccup and Jim, Astrid and Claire, Fishlegs and Tobby likewise. But Trollhunters were students and they had two different lives. Which made a story much more interesting. In the final season, two students were introduced who were different from other ones. Aja and Krel. They were aliens. 3 below is a story about these royal kids who escaped from their planet with their bodyguard Varvatos Vex. And of course Luug their loyal pet. Their Russian like accent is so sweet. Especially Aja. She adores the beauty of the earth. While Krel mostly prefers doing his business unless it&#