Book series similar to Agatha Christie's novels

  I'm a huge fan of Agatha Christie and love her books. Even the ones that are less entertaining. She will always be my favourite crime books author. The Murder of Roger Ackroyd was a masterpiece and it's my favourite book from the series. 

I've read several books of hers, which include And Then There were none, The Murder at the Orient Express, Cards at the table, The Mysterious Affairs at Styles, ABC Murders, and I'm yet to read so many good books of the series. Especially ones that include our favourite Hercule Poirot and Arthur Hastings. We can never have enough of these two.

My top three books were :

1. The Murder of Roger Ackroyd
2. ABC Murders
3. The Murder at the Orient Express

Now, I have always wondered, are there any other crime fiction authors like Agatha Christie?  If yes, there must be a masterpiece like the Murder of Roger Ackroyd too. So, I packed my bag, took some clothes and food and went on a journey to find these diamonds. I trouped, travelled, was lost, hungry and talked to people about such books and if they've seen any such. And finally, after a month-long expedition, I got what I wanted to know. 

Or I could've done any of such things. Rather, I just did 20 minutes search on the internet and took help from Goodreads. 

So, I have finally found some of the authors that have similar storytelling and writing styles like Christie.

These are the authors I've been recommended by friends and on the internet. I'm yet to try and read books by all of them. But I've started the journey. I know that there are others like me who just want to gallop every crime fiction book out there. Hence I'm sharing the list of some of the popular series books that are according to me some of the best crime fiction out there.

1. Colin Dexter - Inspector Morse series

Inspector Morse Omnibus

Inspector Morse books

The Inspector Morse series is the closest you can find in terms of story and suspense. Inspector Morse is on par with Hercule Poirot and you'll love the character as much as you've loved Poirot and Sherlock Holmes. I'm currently reading The Way Through the Woods and it's captivating and full of suspense.  I Will post the review once I finish reading it.

As you can see in the picture, I have already stocked myself with many of the books in the series after reading the reviews of this series on Goodreads. 

2. Elizabeth Peters - Amelia Peabody series

Crocodile at the sandbank

I have completed reading the first book in the series, The Crocodile on the Sandbank. Although it's not exactly what I hoped for, I loved it. And will continue to read many more books in the series. 

You can read my review here.

You can also check out the following authors and their main character series. I'm posting their most popular title to give you an idea of whether you'll enjoy it or not.
3. Ngaio Marsh - Roderick Alleyn Series
 Clutch of Constables -

4. Dorothy L Sayers - Lord Peter Whimsey series
Gaudy Night -

5. Patricia Wentworth 
The Case of William Smith -

6. Patricia Cornwell - Kay Scarpetta series
Postmortem -

7. Rhys Bowen - Royal Spyness series
The Twelve Clues of Christmas -
8. Lilian Jackson Braun - The cat who series
The Cat Who Played Postoffice -

9. Ruth Rundell - Inspector Wexford series
Kissing Gunner's Daughter -
10. Ellis Peter 
A Morbid taste of Bones -
11. Nancy Atherton - Aunt Dimity series
Aunt Dimity and the Next of Kin -
12. Margery Allingham
Sweet Danger - 

I would be adding reviews for all of these books when I finish reading them. Meanwhile, do let me know in the comments if you have read books from any of the above-mentioned authors.