Kingkiller Chronicle - Seven words that make a woman love you

Kingkiller Chronicle is my favourite fantasy series. I love how Patrick describes the conversations between Kvothe and Denna. And since Elodin asked Kvothe about 7 words to make a woman love you I was eager for a minute thinking what Kvothe would say. But he was speechless. But Kvothe has been throwing 7-word phrases about quite often. Now we know when he stumbles across one because Denna mentions it... But she said that he does it quite often. Meaning there are some that he has said that we don't know about, or that she hasn't mentioned. 

I have found many sentences where Kvothe says seven words. Sometimes even Denna says those too.   

Seven Words to Make a Woman Love You

Said by Kvothe:

  • “I am at your service, my lady” 

  • “I trusted someone would know the part.” 

  • “If you would ask it of me” 

  • “So I am left in your debt.”

  • “But that could lead to unfortunate confusion.” 

  • “But I will make you a bargain.” 

  • “I’ll give you my name in exchange.”

  • “My offer stands, my name for yours.” 

  • “Gifts like these should not be squandered.” 

  • “I come and go at odd hours.”  

  • “I heard you were in some trouble.”  

  • “So I thought I’d come and help.”

  • “How many people were at the wedding?”

  • “Not to disparage your choice of instrument.”

  • “Your patron’s body might be up there.”

  • “I could really do with a drink.” 

  • “Merciful Tehlu, I feel like an idiot.” 

  • “I’ve never seen you wearing a knife.”

  • “How long has the Draccus been gone.” 

  • “We are going to have to kill it.” 

  • “I need to listen to your breathing.”

"For all that, she lacks your fire."
"I'm not a gentleman, I'm a thief."
"I need you to breathe for me."
"I'll see you where the roads meet."
"I was wondering what you're doing here."
"You know, I could have carried you."
"Looks like I'm destined to be loveless."
"I was hoping to sing to you."
"You will be fine. All is well."
"You need to look in my eyes."
"Would you like me to carry you?"
"What is a careful man to do?"
"Perhaps you think too little of yourself"
"You are my shiny penny on roadsides."
"I would have come if I'd known."
"Hidden, valuable, much sought and seldom found."
"I'm out of sorts all the time."
"I would never dream of keeping you."
"You have the perfect mouth for smiling."

Said by Denna:

"I'd miss the sound of your voice."
"There you go saying seven words again."
"Your face is like the perfect kitchen."

"The willow moves to the wind's desire."
"I was wondering why you're here."
"How well I knew you even then."
"I feel like I've always been cold."
"I waited, but the tide never came."
"I'll come find you before too long."

Ten Words to Break a Strong Man's Will
"Otherwise, you just might have broken that poor girl's heart."
"My name is Kvothe. You may have heard of me."
"Is that what we've come to after all this time?"
As a bonus, here are 11 words!
"Someone's parents have been singing entirely the wrong sort of songs."

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