What is the age of Kvothe?

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In the books the age of Kvothe was never mentioned. So it always intrigued me what would be his age. It always confused me, since Kote acts like someone well into his 40s or 50s. Chroinicler says in the beginning that it has only been two years. I think that means since the events that happen in Day 3.

As he turned the bottles in his long, graceful hands the familiar motion eased a few tired lines from his face, making him seem younger, certainly not yet thirty. Not even near thirty. Young for an innkeeper. Young for a man with so many tired lines remaining on his face.

So,it's quite clear that Kvothe is nowhere near thirty. 

When Kvothe was with Felurian, It's only 3 days in the mortal world, but Kvothe still ages while he's in the fae. later on, with his friends back at the university, they extrapolate that it was likely not more than a year.

 So,according to me it must be somewhere around 25. 

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