Review: Murder at the Vicarage

I started reading Christie's books three years ago. The first book was ABC Murder, which was very different from other murder mystery novels I read before. But I liked her writing style. Then I picked Murder on the orient express and thoroughly enjoyed it. So, by now Hercule Poirot was a new detective. Then I read what according to me is the best I read of her - The murder of Roger Ackroyd. Wouldn't go into the details much. But one must read it if he/she is into this genre.

When I came across Miss Marple series, I thought Miss Marple is a young lady detective. Charming, wise, intelligent like Poirot. But she is an old lady, but of course with all those qualities of a detective. Somehow, I thought she would be like Oracle in Matrix. You know how she was a soft-spoken, calm and a very observant short hair old woman. The way she was described in the book reminds me of her.

I kind of figured out who might be the killer. Or the thought came in very early. So wasn't much surprised to find the truth. But yes, the murder was planned very carefully. So liked the details of the events. So it was a nice book. One time read. Might read some more of Miss Marple series in the future.

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