Rick and Morty vs Dungeons and Dragons #1

Heya folks,

  I have been reading Patrick Rothfuss blog since he recently started writing on his blog again. Though, not so frequently. Anyway, he discussed his new comic series that he was working on for months. He collaborated with few other people I guess. Now, I haven't read comics since don't know how long. I mean I did want to but there weren't any around. Nor did I ever think of reading again. But I thought why not give this a try. First reason, it's Pat. I loved all two of his books from Kingkiller Chronicles And loved his writing. Maybe this might be the only book or series of him that I can read for the next few years.

So I downloaded the comic - Rick and Morty vs Dungeons and Dragons #1, the first issue of the 4 book comic series.

   Morty, while in a school bus hears the conversation of his classmates discussing Dungeons vs Dragons game. Bragging about their skills. Morty didn't know a word about D&D. Me neither when I first heard it. Nevertheless, he googled it. In the meanwhile, he came to know, that gamers get laid.  

 So, desperate Morty tries to learn D&D by himself. But, in spite of all the hours he spent trying to understand the game he didn't get much of a success. He never does anyway. It is then that Rick helps him. Rick knew the game better than anyone.

Morty learns how to play the game.  Both of them together played the game and had a great time. But in the end, they faced a threat which will be uncovered in the next issue.

Now I don't want to take the fun out of you. So won't post images from the comic. But I think you should read this series, especially when you have already watched the show or have been reading similar graphic novels. It's really funny and entertaining throughout.