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This is Jaydeep.

This blog was started as a hobby back in 2017 in my second year at IITB when I wanted to share my views on various books I read. Earlier I used to write on Quora about books like Shiva Trilogy, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter series etc. After a year I decided to write it on my own blog here.

 I like reading fantasy and science fiction books a lot. So most of the book reviews on this blog are in that genre. I also enjoy reading Indian mythology fiction books, like Shiva Trilogy, crime mystery books like that by Agatha Christie and sometimes non-fiction, but very rarely.

Here's a list of my favourite books and some of the book reviews to get you started.

Favourite fantasy series

Favourite fantasy classicThe Last Unicorn

Favourite Sci-Fi series 

Favourite Murder mystery novelMurder of Roger Ackroyd 

Favourite fictional characterKvothe

Top book reviews

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  1. How did you order Murderbot diaries? It's either out of stock or costs a ton when it's available :(

    1. The paperback & hardcover editions are costly. I bought e-book editions, since they are cheaper. Also, the books are very short (around 150 pages), so reading e-book would be a better option.


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