What was the Oath of Vayuputras?

Have you read Oath of the Vayuputras? No? Then please don't read this article. There is a spoiler. And I want you to enjoy your third book. 

  Yes? okay. Continue.

But do you know what was the oath of the Vayuputras? I think you don't. Me neither when I first completed that book. And I never actually thought about it. I mean, when you complete Amish's book you have so much else to wonder about rather than the title. First, I was very sad when I knew about Sati's death. Her death saddened me so much. She was my favourite character throughout the series. Then the end was also not something I would have imagined and it came as a shock. Or maybe I watch too many Disney movies that I am habitual to happy endings. 

Oath of Vayuputras 

“We will always remain faithful to your command, Lord Rudra, this is the blood oath of a Vayuputra”.
This is what Manobhu -Vayuputra Lord, one of the Amartya Shpand, a member of the council of six wise men and women who rule the Vayuputras under the leadership of the Mithra, said when he applied for the medicine on the throat of Shiva. He was Shiva’s uncle.
The Vayuputras control the institution of the Neelkanth. They train possible candidates for the role of the Neelkanth and if they believe that Evil has risen, they allow the identification of a Neelkanth.
Vasudevs believed that Somras has turned evil and they told Vayuputras so. But they believed Somras is still good. So they did not produce Neelkanth. Vasudevs could not do anything. But among Vayuputras, Manobhu supported Vasudevs. Unfortunately, no one from the council supported him.
But he promised Vasudevs that he would ensure a Neelkanth arose. In return, Vasudevs promised him that when the Neelkanth did rise, the Vasudevs would support him wholeheartedly.
Amish did not describe what exactly was the oath of Vayuputras but as I wrote above the only explanation is to follow the command of Lord Rudra. Now, Amish purposely lefts some clues which he unfolds in his other novels. Lord Rudra was previous Mahadev. We have very little knowledge of him. Hopefully, Amish will write more about him in his coming novels. There is Ram Chandra series that he is working at the moment and then his first non-fiction book just came out. So he is planning to cover all his knowledge with different series of books.  


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