Rick and Morty vs Dungeons and Dragons #2 Review 2018

Rick and Morty comic

 The second issue of Rick & Morty vs D&D series was released on September 26th,2018. Around a month after its first issue was released. The first issue was fantastic. You will love it even if you aren't a D&D fan. Anyone who is a fan of Rick and Morty's signature humour will definitely love this comic. What I liked about Troy little's art is Rick and Morty look closer to their animated counterparts than some of the designs from the main comic series.

  In the first issue of the series, Morty went to his grandfather Rick to help to learn the ways of Dungeons and Dragons. However, at the end of the issue, things get crazy once they entered the virtual version of the game. That's when the first comic ended. 

 At the start of the second book Summer(Morty's sister) and Beth (Morty's mother) is introduced. Anyone watching TV episodes of R&M would, of course, recognize that. They find things all messed up in Rick's room. Meanwhile, Rick and Morty appear in the room from VR. As the story progresses we learn that Beth and Summer knows a thing or two about D&D. Especially Summer. Beth not that much. Just when Morty was ready to give up he is roped back in as Beth and Summer agree to play a round of Dungeons and Dragons with him and Rick. But Rick creates an entire universe of made up of nanotechnology. What he calls as a hard-light simulation complex. Where the air is filled with trillions of nano projector and he used some sort of time-dilation effect. As usual, the gang ignores him when he tried to explain it.

And here's our team. 

Beth - Fighter

Rick - Wizard

Summer - Thief

Morty - Cleric

The family have fun together but it doesn't last long. The game just never ends. Others accuse Rick of cheating and that he is too powerful. They leave him there. The book ends in a kind of weird ending with the entry of Jerry. 

This book did a great job of keeping pace with the first issue. Although they decided to wrap the situation where they were trapped in virtual reality. However, they should have spent more time describing the events of dungeons dragons than it did in the comic. Maybe we will find more of that in the next issues. It's kind of a slow build-up. This is easy to enjoy the story for all the comic lovers since it doesn't get into rules and language of D&D. Patrick Rothfuss and Jim Zub manage to blend and balance the Dungeons and Dragons portion of the story with series's usual Rick and Morty's sci-fi, existential and blistering comedy. 

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