Kings of the Wyld book review

This is the first book I read in 2020. Three years after it was in the stores. Last year, the first book I read was The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson. So I'm going with another fantasy book this year too.

Nowadays so many of the books that I read comes straight from the recommendation by the authors that I follow on Goodreads.

Mostly it's Patrick Rothfuss. When he's reading a book, I check that book out. Like Murderbot series by Martha Wells. Or Dresden files by Jim Butcher. And this one too. He's still reading it though. Or maybe forgot to update it. He's lazy, you see. Lot of the times. But that's a whole another story. You'll see.

So, he was reading Kings of the Wyld last year. That's when I knew I had to read this one after checking the reviews on Goodreads. You're missing out a lot they say, if you don't read this book. But for past few months this book was in my to be read list. I intended it to read in last year itself. But 13 (no of books I read in 2019) seemed like a pretty good number to stop with. Plus, to start a year with a book like this. Adventure, fantasy, action. Everything a great fantasy book needs.

After reading the description on the cover of the book, I imagined a different version of story in my head. A very serious version with lots killing and sacrifices. And a very dark one really. It turned out to be different. More like a D&D theme. A lot of people would relate to that after reading the book. The clever lines, the pacing of foreshadowed disasters, the flavor of the world with its merchandizing sell-out heroes and a monster, curse, or secret treasure around every corner, like every D&D campaign rolled into one.

Saga Band

I really enjoyed it. It was totally fresh story for me. Until now in fantasy genre I used to read long series. Like Stormlight Archives, Kingkiller Chronicles, Harry Potter,Lord of the Rings etc. They need patience.
   Especially Stormlight Archives. Mass market paperback version of stormlight Archives are 1300 pages long.

50 pages into the book and you feel like putting it down. But they're totally worth the wait. Once you're well into the book, its difficult to put down. I generally complete it in 7-10 days.

Kings of the Wyld on the other hand is a stand alone story of a band. That's a rhyme.

A former band named Saga reunites after one of the ex-bandmate's daughter is in danger. But they're old now. And none of them are as good as they used to be. They start their journey through forest full of monsters,cannibals,Rasks and a bounty Hunter to kidnap one of the bandmate.

There are total of three books set in the same world. But each of them features a different band. Saga will not be in the second book.

One of the bandmate's daughter is the main character in second book. Bloody Rose it is called. For the main character is Rose. She's got red hair. And she kills. You get the idea.

Coming to this book,  I think initially it started little slow. Around 200 pages the adventure part starts kicking in. They fight a Chimera, a three head monster. One is a lion, another a Dragon and a ham. All three part of the same body. That's the part where band starts showing their heroic. Reminding people what they were once capable of

Until then I wasn't sure if the book is as good as the reviews says. But once the band starts their journey into the forest it's a really fun to read. I won't say it's one of the best fantasy book I've ever read. I read Kingkiller Chronicles and Stormlight Archives and planning to read many popular fantasy series. But you won't regret reading this book.

Paperback edition is 502 pages. No difficulty reading it. Pages are easy to read. And quality is nice. Do give it a read when you have time.

Cheers !!