Sita Warrior of Mithila


With less than three days to go, the bestselling author Amish Tripathi is all set to release his second book on Ram Chandra series titled as Sita - Warrior of Mithila. It's been two years since his first book of the series Scion of Ikshvaku was released in June 2015. Fans are eagerly waiting for the upcoming book. Amish started his book writing with Immortals of Meluha around 8-9 years ago, which he self-published after it was rejected by 20 publication houses. The book went on to be a hit following which Amish got instant recognition and he was inspired to write the second book of what is now known as Shiva Trilogy.

Personally, I liked Shiva Trilogy more than the ongoing series. Maybe because we are more familiar to Ramayana than SHIV PURAN. But Amish has a different interpretation of Indian mythology and it is one of his quality to tell the story with a scientific explanation and also with it providing the notion of Karma and a nice insight on philosophy. That is why even though his books went through certain different aspects of Indian history of Gods people appreciated it. 


Now readers are very excited to know how Amish is going to depict goddess SITA. "I have tried to depict Sita as a warrior and a strong woman", he says. Was Sita a warrior? That's interesting to see. Because what we have seen is that of her character from 1986 Ramanand Sagar based Ramayana serial which by the way Deepika Chikhalia portrayed very beautifully. Amish's books have always portrayed woman character as strong and we know this is not going to different even this time. 

The book trailer has been fascinating showing Sita as fierce full with practising to fight. It was released just a few days ago with Alia Bhatt being the centre of attraction at the Facebook live event. But don't be disappointed! The book is yet to be released. The book release date is 29 May 2017 on Monday. Three days from now. 

 When -29th May 2017

          Where- Oberai Mall, Mumbai

Time -  After 6 pm.