Samichi - Sita Warrior of Mithila ( Ram Chandra Series #2)

What is the relationship between Khara and Samichi is one of the questions that pops up in your mind if you completed reading Sita - Warrior of Mithila.  

Amish Tripathi

 I have tried to answer this question to the best of my knowledge from Amish's books as well as our Hindu mythology textures. Please read it carefully and if you have any questions, feel free to write them in the comment box.


In Sita - Warrior of Mithila, there is not much of the description of Khara. The book is about the life of  Devi Sita and it unfolds the events starting from her birth to how she got kidnapped by Raavan’s soldiers. 
Mostly, we know about Khara from the initial chapters of the second book - Sita. He tortured Jatayu so that Sita would reveal herself as she was hiding behind the trees and observing all this. It was because of him, that Sita had to come out to protect his brother -Jatayuji. She did come. But Khara was very cruel. He killed Jatayu. This infuriated Sita and she shot an arrow from behind the trees. The arrow pierced his head and it killed him instantly.
 If you want to know Amish's description of Khara then you have to wait for the next book, Raavan - The orphan of Aryavarta. Because Khara was the cousin of Raavan and also a captain of his army. In fact, there were Khara and Dushan according to Valmiki Ramayan. They were brothers. But Sita-Warrior of Mithila does not mention Dushan anywhere in the book. We might find Dushan in the next book.
The names in mythology are in Sanskrit and if you see the meaning of Khara you will find that it means hard, harsh, rough or cruel. He was like this, Wasn’t he?
Anyway, characters like this are not described in detail in most of our old scriptures. Some other versions like Tulsidas Ramayan, Kamb Ramayan or Nama Ramayan might have it or maybe a folktale. Amish does a lot of research and have some of his own interpretation in writing the book. I think he is doing a great job in unfolding the mystery of Indian mythology that we would not have known otherwise.

Ancient Ramayan textures did not mention Samichi anywhere in the book. So she is totally a new character for us, unlike Khara. I will try to explain her a little from Sita - Warrior of Mithila.
     Willing breaths into her body,she looked again at face of her attacker. The one who had wanted to kill her few moments ago. The one who had strong emotions for Khara. The one who was in complete control of Raavan. Samichi.
The name Samichi means -Praise. From the short booklet, it was clear that Khara and Samichi were related somehow. Because Khara’s death angered her so much that she wanted to kill Sita. Both Khara and Samichi seems of the same age. So they can be family related or lovers. Both can be possible.
Now, in the book Sita Warrior of Mithila, the first mention of Samichi was when she saved Sita from the street boys. She was brave for sure. This is where Sita started admiring her and they became friends later. We now know that she obeyed Raavan (Irava). She was faithful to him. What was Raavan’s purpose? I leave that for you to figure out.
But one thing is completely unclear. How did Raavan and his army know that Sita is the great Vishnu? You might think that Samichi must have something to do with it. But Sita never told her. Sita told Radhika but not Samichi. Samichi was obviously intrigued by her trips around the country but Sita told her that they were for trade & diplomatic purposes and Samichi believed it or pretended to. But in the final battle, Samichi is going to be in great conflict whether to obey Raavan or help Sita. Because she obviously was a true friend to Sita.
Amish purposely leaves this kind of questions for readers to think about and is good at it. Obviously, he left some clues but they are not enough to figure out the mystery completely. You have to read the next book or I will say all of them. There is no choice.

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  1. Do you think Amish is trying to create a parallel between Parvateshwar and Samichi? Parvateshwar had to choose between Shiva and Meluha. So, Samichi will be choosing between Sita and Lanka?

    1. No. Unlike Parvateshwar Samichi has betrayed Sita. Although, she would at least help Sita in some way.


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