Quotes from Raavan Enemy of Aryavarta - Ram Chandra Series #3


The latest book of the Ram Chandra series, 'War of Lanka' is now available for pre-orders. 

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Since Raavan - Enemy of Aryavarta is out now and loved by fans of Amish, I found some of the best quotes in the book. Some of them are from Raavan's point of view and then some by other characters in the book. Nevertheless, as usual, Amish provides the best philosophical insight in his latest book.

1. When you fill a clogged drain with more water than it can hold, it's bound to overflow and contaminate everything around it. When grief overwhelms someone, when they are enraged at what fate has done to them, their fury often overflows and is inflicted upon the world.

2. What you term monster is the fire every successful man has within him. A fire that will not let him rest. A fire that drives him to work hard. To be smart. To be relentless. Focused. Disciplined. For those are the ingredients of success. That fire is like a monster that will not allow you to lean an ordinary life. What differentiates a successful man and a great man is great man controls the monster.

3. It is ominous for a man to feel desire; for a man who is bound up in desire feels compassion and fondness.

4. All of us have been through times when life seemed unfair. In such situations, we can choose to see ourselves as victims and blame the rest of the world. We can drown ourselves in the false comfort of knowing we are not responsible for our difficulties and expect others to change our lives. Or, we can pick ourselves up. Be strong. And fight the world.

5. "The world usually suffers most at the hand of those who believe in perfection, those who don't realize that there is no one ideal solution."

6. "There's love that weakens you and there is love that prepares you for what lies ahead. Sometimes that love may appear tough, but it's necessary."

7. There is no sight more painful to see than when a powerful hunter past his prime.

8. The foolish react to a fire when it is upon them. The wise see the fire many years before it's even lit. 

9. Cruelty and kindness are human concepts. Nature prioritises balance. And balance sometimes calls for tough love.

10. True spiritual awakening is possible only when one transcends the wall of emotions that keeps one imprisoned in the illusory world.

11. Nobility without capability is limiting, it only results in good theory.

12. Be clear about what you want. But hide it well. It will help you get what you want.

13. There is a lion and a deer within each of us. Only if we nurture the lion will we make something of ourselves. If we indulge the deer, we’ll be running and hiding all our lives.

14.  ‘Lord Vidur said that there are two ways to waste money. One, by giving
charity to the unworthy. Second, by not giving charity to the worthy.’

15.  They say tears can wash away grief. They lie. There are some kinds of grief that even a million tears cannot wash away. Which haunt you for life. For all time.
       They say time heals all wounds. They lie. Sometimes, the grief one is cursed with is so immense that even time surrenders to it.

16.  ‘Life is unfair to everyone. As Sikhi Buddha said, the fundamental reality
of life is dukkha. There is no escaping the grief that permeates every corner of this
illusory world. Accepting this basic truth is the first step towards trying to
overcome it.’

There are still many nice philosophical lessons and I will update the list when I found them. If you have any quotes in mind please write them in the comment box and I will write them here. Also, write the page number of the book if you happen to know it. 

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