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Winter season

Been a while since I posted here. When there is a new post on my blog, it's about a book I read. But in the past three months, I haven't read a single book. However, there are some amazing books that I've been waiting to read this year. 

First of them is A deadly education by Naomi Novik released on September 29. I've previously read one of her books Spinning Silver and was mesmerised by her writing style. That was the reason why I was eagerly waiting for her latest book. I've already got the ebook but a hardcover version might just suit me better. The reviews tells me that it is going to be an excited read.

Rhythm of War by Brandon Sanderson is another one on my list. It is one of the most anticipated book of the year. Usually it takes me about 10-15 days to read a book in the stormlight archives series. However, unlike the last three books, this time I'm eyeing for a hardcover edition for those amazing illustrations they have inside the book . It's going to cost me a lot more and hence I decided to wait a bit longer. Will read this one in the next year.

A quick scan around my room and I see Discworld series by Terry Pratchett, four books in Inspector Morse series, Postmortem, Cruel and Unusual by Patricia Cornwell, some books in the Ender's game series, and A Young Samurai. The reason behind buying the young samurai was that I really liked the movie The Last Samurai movie featuring Tom Cruise. I was curious to know more about the brave Samurais and their way of living. But first I'm eager to finish the Ender's game series. 

Winter season is here. I like winter. It's the time when I could just read my favourite books all day in a cozy winter day. With a warm blanket, a sweater and a tea. College winter vacations were therefore the best days of my life. It also introduced me to my all time favourite character Kvothe when I read Kingkiller Chronicles three years ago, in the December of 2017.   

But do you know what kind of books are the best to read in winter?.............

The Murder mystery books. By Agatha Christie. Really sets the mood and tone. Try reading Murder of Roger Ackroyd this month and you will know it. Over the years, December has always been my favourite month to read and I usually finish two-three Agatha Christie books. It's been a tradition now which will continue for the next 5-6 years maybe, considering the number of books written by Christie.  

Spinning Silver is another great read for winter. You can try that too.

Anyway, this was just a quick update on the books I'm going to read in a month or two. I might write review this month when I read a book or two. You can always visit My Books page to know more about the books I read. If you've got any books to recommend, you can mention it in the comments. See ya!


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