Scion of Ikshvaku - Ending clues

Amish talked about leaving clues at the end of Scion of Ikshvaku book during one of his interviews.
If you have completed reading Sita Warrior of Mithila then you obviously have known by now that Vishwamitra(chief of Malayputras) declared Sita as Vishnu. But Amish already left this clue for readers to figure out in the ending paragraph of Scion of Ikshvaku.

Let's look at the ending paragraph of the book.

Jatayu could feel life slipping away. Using his last reserves of will, he raised his body, reached his hand out and pulled Ram towards him. With his dying breaths, Jatayu whispered, ‘Get … her back … I … failed… She’s important … Lady Sita … must be saved … Lady Sita … must be saved … Vishnu … Lady Sita …’ … to be continued

These were the words of Jatayu just before his death in the forest when Ram and Lakshman came running to him. Sita was like a sister to him and he failed to protect her. He first referred to her as Lady Sita a few times and then he said Vishnu.

But we knew from the book that Vashistha wanted Ram to be Vishnu and when Jatayu said Vishnu it was interpreted as Jatayu calling Ram Vishnu. But actually, he was referring to Sita as Vishnu.  It was put in such a simple way that no one could have guessed it.

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